Tank identification

Fill out the following form as accurate as you can, you can skip questions, and don't worry if you make mistakes but the others are good you will still get good results.

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Road wheel count?
Road wheels are the ones what has "contact" with the road, 5 on the following picture.
Suspension has skirt?
Nose shape?
What is the shape of the nose of the tank? Boxy is like the Tiger.
Shape of the hull before the turret?
Flat: IS-10 Sloped: Leopard 2 Stepped: Tiger
Has splash guard?
What is the drivers hatch location?
Engine compartment shape?
Elevated: like M1A1 Abrams Flat: like IS-10 Sloped: like T-60
Size of the tank?
For example, small: Renault FT, medium: IS-10, big: Char 2C
Main gun count?
Do not includes granade launchers, machine guns, etc...
Main gun(s) position?
All-around: T-35
Has turret?
Shape of the turret?
Without the bustle (if it looks like some extension for the core turret). This is the hardest part to identify. Box is more angular then a can. Sloped means that the sides are more angled not that vertical. UFO is like a mushroom but the bottom is also slim (like T49).
Location of turret?
Turret has bustle?
Many turrets especially western design incorporate a bustle which is an overhang of the turrets rear like the US M1A1.
Size of the turret (or in turretless tanks what looks like a turret if it has) (compared to the tank itself)?
The commander has cupola at the turret?
Many tanks are equipped with a cupola, which is a small rotatable hatch often with vision ports and a machine gun.

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